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Science of Music Syllabus 2007

Science of Music Syllabus 2007 - MUS3930/PSC 3930 The...

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MUS3930/PSC 3930 – The Science of Music Fall 2007 Syllabus Instructor Dr. Keith Koons Professor of Music Dr. Jeffrey Bindell Lecturer, Physics Office CNH 113 MAP 418 Phone 407-823-5116 407-823-4194 e-mail [email protected] [email protected] website www.physics.ucf.edu/~bindell office hours MWF 7:30-9:00 AM MWF 11:30-12:00 PM (Additional course information including all PowerPoint lectures will be posted on Dr. Bindell’s site.) This course is an Honors College seminar course in the Science of Music and is limited to 20 students. Science and Music have many overlaps, which reminds one that music used to be one of the required disciplines of the medieval quadrivium (Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music). In addition to experience in science courses, many honors students have a talent and interest in music; almost everyone listens to music for enjoyment. Each student in the course will create a term paper related to the subject matter and will also present their work to the rest of the class. The paper should be more in-depth than the material presented in class or in the textbook. The presentations will be during the last weeks of the course. 50% of the reverences should be from books and journals and NOT from the internet. Peer reviewed internet journals are allowed. Rules will be discussed in class. Grades will be based upon the following proportions. Only full letter grades of A-F will be assigned. Component of Grade % of Grade Examination 1 – First Third of Course material. 20% Examination 2 – Second Third of Course Material 20% Examination 3 – Last Third 20% Term Paper 25% Term Paper Presentation 15% Reading Material : So that discussion and exploration in class can be maximized, much material will be learned outside of class via assigned readings and suggested homework problems. The following reading list is not all-inclusive and many other sources are also available. 1
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TEXTBOOK o Measured Tones , The Interplay of Physics and Music by Ian Johnston. Second Edition (2002) Institute of Physics Publishing (Textbook has been ordered from the bookstore. Also available from Amazon.com.) ------------------------------------------------------- REFERENCES PHYSICS BACKGROUND o Physics, A Window on our World by Hay Bolemon, Sixth Edition. Ink Press (2004). This is the PHY-1121 Physical Science Textbook at UCF.
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Science of Music Syllabus 2007 - MUS3930/PSC 3930 The...

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