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Greenhouse Design

Greenhouse Design - design as well as the process of...

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A. Greenhouse Design: Attached Greenhouse with Lean-to style design. B. Type of Greenhouse Covering: Double Pane Polycarbonate Glass C. The Heating and Cooling Systems: - Heating System: All Natural Gas - Cooling System: Air Conditions and Swamp Coolers D. Irrigation System: Drip System, Misting, and Hand Water E. Type of Bench Arrangement: Longitudinal F. Type of Plants Grown: - Carnivorous Plants: Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscicula), Sundews (Drosera), Monkey Cups (Nepenthes), Butterworts (Pinguicula), Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) - A variety of Angiosperms: Monocots, including multiple species of Orchidaceae (Orchid) - A variety of exotic plants including plants from Africa, Coffea Arabica, and more. My visit to the Greenhouse was nothing short of fascinating. I visited my previous school’s green house at San Diego State University. In this experience I was able to get into the field and learn hands on the work and knowledge put into a green house
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Unformatted text preview: design as well as the process of maintaining it. I was able to gain insight on the greenhouse, which has stood its ground for 33 years. As discussed in the text the greenhouse did previously have an untempered glass roof as their covering, but due to economical reasons and the trend of durability with polycarbonate glass. The location and design of the greenhouse makes use of the limited space area on campus and the benefit of placing it in close proximity of the life science building for classes. Due do the hilly topography and location and size restrictions of the San Diego State University greenhouse, the design of attached lean-to design style was the most favorable choice. As noted in the book, the greenhouse is located on the south side of the building to take advantage of sunlight....
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Greenhouse Design - design as well as the process of...

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