Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture - The field of horticulture is so...

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The field of horticulture is so vast and different, that I feel that it can persuade anyone in pursuing a career in that field. The choices below are fields in which I believe would be personally enjoyable by many, including myself. Landscape Architecture - Beautiful parks, winding walkways through lush gardens, and even the sight of Mickey Mouse, placed right at the entrance of Disneyland made by a bed of flowers. These examples are all ideas and planned by skilled individuals known as landscape architects. Landscape architects are known for designing the aesthetic beauty of plants and interweaving them into the design of buildings and the land the surrounds them. They are responsible for carefully planning and choosing which plants work where and which ones can survive for a period of time depending on their placement and environment. For example, if we look at Disneyland , they have a ton of vegetation around the park each going with certain themes. Although, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye they were all carefully though out with a team of landscape architects. Certain plants need to be able to withstand certain environmental hazards such as overexposure to sun to lack of natural sunlight. Also, to note is that they must go with the theme of each land. Such as more simple looking plants in Tommorowland’ to more luscious and tropical looking plants in Adventureland’. These are all work’s down by landscape architects. In these projects, landscape architects may also work with civil engineers to architects to elect the right design.
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Landscape Architecture - The field of horticulture is so...

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