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To find the correlation coefficient

To find the correlation coefficient - Enter the X values in...

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To find the correlation coefficient: First, your calculator must be set up to display the correlation. (You only have to set it up once, so if you’ve done it in class, skip this part. Sometimes if you change batteries you have to do it again.) Hit 2 nd CATALOG (this is over the 0 button). Go down to DiagnosticOn, hit ENTER then ENTER again. It is now set up to display correlation with the regression line.
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Unformatted text preview: Enter the X values in one list and the Y values in another. Go to STAT>CALC 8:LinReg (a+bx) and hit ENTER. It is now pasted to the home screen. You must input the names of the list containing the X values followed by a comma then the list containing the Y values. For example, if my X values are in L1 and Y values are in L2, I would enter LinReg(a+bx) L1,L2...
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