brain - but so far only tested on mice. rejected with...

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first to go is hippocampus… ability fo form memories. reasoning and . . sight hearing touch. . breakthrough is detect disease earlier. PET. DEPLOYED TO to pick up subtle changes in brain healthy brain is color coded red. unhealthy. blue around hippocampus. .. building up tiny amounts of nasty molecules that shouldn't be there. and over time. . start to build up. molecule is okay in singlets. but when doubles up it gangs up and causes trouble. cause of disease. molecule called amyloid beta. KILLER MOLECULAR GANG THAT KILLS BRAIN CELLS. prevent build up. or get rid of amyloid beta before it reaches dramatic levels. its working
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Unformatted text preview: but so far only tested on mice. rejected with antibody, it is cured. miracle. returned the level of a 23month old mice to a 5month old mice. when tried on humans, it stopped because of death of volunteer. 12 volunteers. tried nose drops. . vaccine worked through nose inhalation. wont cause brain inflammation. small programs. .exercise. .mental gymnastics. to sharpen memory. visual information for most people is easier to remember. .actively observe. snapshot and connect....
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