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Gattaca Film Essay - Mariano 1 Gattaca Film Essay Mark...

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Mariano Gattaca Film Essay Mark Mariano Professor Bonnie Yoshida April 16, 2011 1
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Mariano Gattaca is based off the near future where a genetically engineered human population has become the new class of citizens. In this era, genes are selected before birth by their parents, eliminating any deficiencies from health conditions that would impede their future. Resulting in two classes of citizens, commonly known throughout the movie as the 'valids' and 'invalids'. This movie represents a look at a society based off prizing genes with the belief that the evolution of people is determined by scientifically enhanced genetics. Gattaca is a symbol to 'eugenics' with the relation of belief " …that humans like crops or farm animals had to be culled of undesirable elements and individuals with the most desirable traits should be encouraged to breed freely to produce the best offspring and make the species stronger .”(Yoshida) At birth, parents have the option of selecting the best of their genes and isolating those genes to become part of any future offspring. Disposing any potential genetics hazards, such as diseases, this process is considered the 'natural' way, birthing people known ‘valids'. The 'valids' are considered to be bred of their highest intellect capabilities, which at birth are engineered and assigned to what their future will be in
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Gattaca Film Essay - Mariano 1 Gattaca Film Essay Mark...

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