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Quiz 1 1 ) Which of the following is NOT a component of Health-related fitness?  (1pt)   Muscular strength and endurance   Muscular flexibility   Body composition   Balance Answ er: Corr ect Points : 1 2 ) Which of the following is NOT a component of Skill-related fitness?  (1pt)   Agility   Power   Cardiovascular endurance   Speed Answ er: Corr ect Points : 1 3 ) In terms of preventative medicine, the emphasis of fitness should be placed on which of the  following?  (1pt)   Health-related fitness   Skill-related fitness   Body composition alone   None of the above Answ er: Corr ect Points : 1 4 ) Which of the following is true of cardiovascular disease?  (1pt)
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  It deals with the heart and blood vessels   It is the most common chronic disease   It is probably preventable   All of the above
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Quiz 1 - Quiz1 1)

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