Quiz 9 - Instructions ChoosetheBESTanswerforeachquestion....

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Choose the BEST answer for each question. Quiz 1 ) The skill-related components include all but which of the following?  (1pt)   Agility and balance   Coordination and reaction time   Strength and endurance   Power and speed 2 ) Benefits of skill-related fitness include which of the following?  (1pt)   Good reaction time   Power   Coordination   All of the above 3 ) Skill-related fitness is important for success in which of the following?  (1pt)   Motor performance   Athletic events   Lifelong sports and activities   All of the above 4 ) Which of the following is true concerning the rate of learning skill-related fitness?  (1pt)   It is the same for all people   It varies from person to person   It is the same for each age group   None of the above 5 ) The word motor performance refers to which of the following?  (1pt)
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Quiz 9 - Instructions ChoosetheBESTanswerforeachquestion....

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