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DTE router router Server What is a packet – Provides grouping of information for transmission OS Layer Application – info on type of application used Presentation – Info on how info is presented Session - Transport - CP Network – Driver IP Data Link - Truck Physical Flood ping – D.O.S. - Denial of Service D.D.O.S – Distributed Denial of Service Roll over connector – has an Ethernet connector on one end and a nine pin port on the other end. Hyper-terminal – telnet client – allows you to log into a cisco OS
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Unformatted text preview: Serial ports are used to connect one serial port to another. Has two separate ends DTE – Data Termination Equipment DCT – Data Communications Equipment AUI port – Rollover – connects PC to management console or router Serial – connects router to router Straight – connects router to switch or switch to computer Crossover – connects router to PC, or PC to PC, or switch to switch...
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