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OR 5000 - Unit II Assessment Question 1

OR 5000 - Unit II Assessment Question 1 - liberalizations...

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The business market of today can be described as a global marketplace as it has crossed national boundaries. It is an international marketplace of sorts. In his article, Global Business Alliances: Theory and Practice, Culpan states that new technological breakthroughs and augmenting global business activities have intensified international business competition. World market expansions in former socialist countries, economic
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Unformatted text preview: liberalizations in China, and emerging economies in Asia and Latin America have imposed new challenges on businesses. Furthermore, the state of international business can be attributed to changes in the following areas: politics, economics, society, and technology (Culpan, 2002). Culpan, R. (2002). Global business alliances: Theory and practice . Westport, CT, USA: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated....
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