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Casey Stone History 131 I1S Mod 8 Questions

Casey Stone History 131 I1S Mod 8 Questions - Casey Stone...

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Casey Stone History 131 (I1S) Mod 8. 1. Explain "Napoleonic Tactics". Napoleonic Tactics were what Russ A. Pritchard referred to as linear tactics. They were outdated tactics brought on by weapons from an earlier century. It was more of a nicer way to deal with war instead of the gun-ho sort of tactics. 2. What weapons were introduced in 1855 that would be commonly used during the Civil War? The Springfield musket and the Enfield. The Enfield was a British modeled gun that was closely machined like a Springfield musket. Those two guns were the leading causes of casualties in the Civil War. 3. Describe the hazards of being wounded by a Minie ball. Horrible wounds and if It hit a bone in your body there was no telling what damage it was capable of. It would expand once it penetrated your body and expand because of the soft lead it was made of. 4. What were the limitations of muskets? They were more for long ranged 300- 500 yards, which meant they could take out enemies before they got close enough to them.
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