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Homework 3.complete & corrected[1]

Homework 3.complete & corrected[1] - of pain with...

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Homework Assignment #3 Intro to PTA 1001 Lamar “Dale” Daniel 09/21/2011 1. Describe the criteria for information considered in the subjective data or "S" portion of the SOAP note. What the patient or patient representative stated or said regading the presented impairment (s) “What the patient said” 2. Describe the criteria for information considered in the objective or "O" portion of the SOAP note Concrete data-factual information about the patient’s condition/impairment that may be described in quantifiable terms Place an "S" for subjective data or an "O" to represent Objective data next to each statement below. S 1. Pt complains
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Unformatted text preview: of pain with prolonged sitting O 2. Decubitus on the sacrum measures 3cm from left outer edge to right outer edge O 3. Pt ambulates with ataxic gait with max assist 10' S 4. Complained of itching to scar on the right knee O 5. Transfers supine to sitting with mod assist x 2 O 6. Active Range of motion is within normal limits S 7. Pt expresses concern over right knee swelling s 8. Pt reports a history of high blood pressure 9. Blood pressure was 162/102 o 10. Pt performs pivot transfer from bed to wheelchair mod assist x1 For the above 10 underline the key word that led you to place either an "S" or an "O"...
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