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Homework 2.complete - 3 Factors that may have...

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Intro to PTA Homework Assignment #2 LAMAR “DALE” DANIEL July 14, 2011 Define the S.O. A. P. note acronym: S UBJECTIVE: “What the patient said”/ Information that the patient or patient representative “said” regarding the impairment(s) O BJECTIVE: “What the patient did”/ Subjective free data that can be confirmed by or reproduced by another person with similar professional training A ssessment: A professional evaluation of the patient and impairment that is, in effect, an evidenced based professional opinion P lan: Essentially, what will happen next in the patient’s course of treatment as related to stated goals & objectives.
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Under each letter place, according to Bircher in ch3, list as many contents (information collected about the patient) that would be written by a PTA while documenting a patient’s progress note. SOAP S - 1. Information about the patient’s medical history 2. Symptoms/complaints that led patient to seek medical attention
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Factors that may have caused/contributed to the patients symptoms 4. The patients functional & lifestyle needs O-1. Results of measurements and tests 2. Description of patients functional capacity 3. PTAs objective observation of the patient 4. Description of intervention(s) provided A - 1. The PTs summary of objective and subjective data 2. The PTs professional diagnosis of the impairment 3. Expected functional outcomes for the patient 4. Clearly defined goals & objectives P-1.What will be done during the next session to enable the patient to progress toward meeting goals in the plan of intervention 2. The patients next scheduled appointment 3. Equipment that needs to be ordered or prepared for the next session 4. The number of sessions remaining before the patient is to be discharged...
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Homework 2.complete - 3 Factors that may have...

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