PRESENTATION GROUPS[1] - You will need to: 1. Identify your...

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SOUTH UNIVERSITY AHS1001—MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY PRESENTATION GROUPS GROUP 1 TOPIC-SPINAL CURVATURES GROUP 2 TOPIC- MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY GROUP 3 TOPIC- TALIPES EQUINOVARIS GROUP 4 TOPIC- SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS GROUP 5 TOPIC- DIABETES MELLITUS GROUP 6 TOPIC- HYPERTENSION Jones Gann, H Vaughans, Q Harvey, C Childs, T Creasy, H Johnson Rhoades, H Wright, A Osborne, E Ringstaff, J Shaner, C Gann, C Pickett, M Beard, C Smith, J Thierry, S Collins, B Leonard, D Suttles, T Brooks, A Parker, R Davis, T Howard, A Daniel, L McMeans Sewell, J Breault, M Favor, S Jackson, C If you have not been assigned to a group; please let Mrs. Glenn know. INSTRUCTIONS: You will need to research the chosen topic above; everyone will need to supply information. You may divide out what each person will be doing or however getting the work completed is easiest for you. Presentations will be 20-30 minutes in length and will correlate to the dates on your course schedule: 12/2/2010 & 12/9/2010.
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Unformatted text preview: You will need to: 1. Identify your topic 2. Define your topic 3. Identify objectives 4. What is the importance of knowing about this problem for the patient? 5. How is this problem diagnosed, treated and what is the prognosis? 6. What are the implications/management from a physical therapists or nurses/healthcare perspective? In other words what role do these professionals play in assisting with the care of this population? 7. * When presenting use proper medical terminology. 8. Be sure to paraphrase and put information in your own words but utilizing correct medical terms. 9. You may utilize whatever items you need for originality and creativity (ppt, tri-boards, etc…) 10. See presentation grading rubric. SOUTH UNIVERSITY AHS1001. MEDICAL ERMINOLOGY GRADING RUBRIC FOR PRESENTATIONS...
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PRESENTATION GROUPS[1] - You will need to: 1. Identify your...

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