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University of Phoenix Material Peer Review—Persuasive Essay Writer’s Name _Jessica Helke __________ Reviewer’s Name _Steven C. Hamilton II ___________________ Introduction Does the writer supply enough background information for you to understand 1) the context of the issue/problem being addressed, and 2) why it deserves attention? Yes they do and it deserves attention because the flooding is causing damage to homes and increasing the cost of living for the area. Is the writer’s position regarding the issue or problem clearly stated? Very clearly stated Body Is it easy to identify the main points in support of the writer’s position? Yes Do the writer’s main points function as topic sentences for the body paragraphs? Yes they do. Do body paragraphs present specific and convincing evidence in support of their respective topic sentences? If not, which paragraph(s) could be strengthened in this regard and how? Yes and they include cited references.
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