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Jessica's paper - Running head INDIVIDUAL WRITING PROCESS...

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Running head: INDIVIDUAL WRITING PROCESS 1 Individual Writing Process Jessica Helke COMM/215 December 6, 2010 Catherine Humphryes
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INDIVIDUAL WRITING PROCESS 2 Individual Writing Process Two inches of rain may sound like a refreshing shower to some; but for residents of Nueces County, Texas it can mean serious flooding. A combination of inadequate drainage ditches and low lying land brings devastation to those who depend on their farms for survival. Currently Nueces County has two drainage districts. A two-year study into the flood-prone areas, conducted by Naismith Engineering, reveals that the only way to alleviate these drainage problems in Nueces County is to, “dissolve its two existing drainage districts and create one countywide.” Corpus Christi was discovered in 1519 by the Spanish explorer Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda. Corpus Christi was named after the Catholic feast day celebrating the "Body of Christ." (http://www.selncc.com/history.htm) The city is located virtually in the center of the southern coast of Texas and has the Corpus Christi Bay as well as the Gulf of Mexico surrounding it. Flooding can be caused by a number of reasons. According to http://www.pbs.org/newshour/infocus/floods/science.html, these include: heavy, intense rainfall, run-off from a deep snow cover, over-saturated soil, when the ground can't hold anymore water,
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