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UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA/GRAND FORKS SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND MINES DISTANCE ENGINEERING DEGREE PROGRAM EXAMINATION INSTRUCTIONS Student Name Course # ME 306 CiEn 306 Exam # 1 Instructor Dr. Howe Lim Exam to be taken by (date) 7-16-2011 (Sat) Time Limit 1.5 hr YES NO Remarks Open book X Take-home X Notes allowed X Calculators allowed X Return exam by fax or email and mail the original X Students can keep copy of exam X ***The purpose of proctoring is to safeguard the integrity of the exam. Students may not use references or personal notes for closed book exams unless stated otherwise. At the conclusion of the exam, the proctor must collect the exam, answer sheets, and any penciled worksheets and return by these steps: 1. Scan all the return sheets into a single .pdf file and post it back using the Exam folder in the BlackBoard site. Look for the View/Complete Assignment link and follow the instructions there to attach the .pdf file. If a .pdf file cannot be created, the proctor may fax the completed paper exam to 1-866-542-5618 (tollfree). 2. Mailing the Exam: The proctor will then mail the exam in the envelope provided by the student. Questions? Call 701-777-4333. Distance Engineering Degree Program, Harrington Hall, 241 Centennial Dr. Stop 8215/UND, Grand Forks, ND 58202. Proctoring, unless otherwise noted, involves the following.
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2011 for the course ME 3 taught by Professor Prof.ramachandran during the Spring '11 term at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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