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Show You Know #3 - Time to Blow your Geographic Minds – MAT241 The boundaries of Wyoming are given by the lines 41 o North latitude, 45 o North latitude, 104 o West longitude, and 111 o West longitude. The boundaries of Colorado are given by the lines 37 o North latitude, 41 o North latitude, 102 o West longitude, and 109 o West longitude. 1. Before doing any computations, which state do you think takes up more surface area on a globe? Explain. 2. Assume that the radius of the Earth is 3986 miles. What are the approximate areas of
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Unformatted text preview: Wyoming and Colorado, in square miles? Use double integrals, cross products, partial derivatives, and spherical coordinates as appropriate. Except for tedious computations, you must SHOW ALL WORK! Tedious computations can be left for machines that can do them quickly and accurately! 3. Research to find the actual reported areas of the two states. What do you think accounts for the discrepancy between these figures and your answers in Part 2?...
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