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Sharon Whitson On-Campus College V/S On-Line College Courses Preliminary Outline: 1. Introduction A. Greetings to my audience B. My name is Sharon Whitson & I chose a speech about attending college either on- line or attending college on-campus. C. We are living in a time where education is vital to securing a great career/job. I chose to take on-line college courses mainly because it works around my family & work schedules. D. Thesis Statement- There is positive and negative factors that can make the difference of how college students attend either on-line, or on-campus courses. A. Main Points- No matter how you choose to take classes in college, the outcome is the same for each person attending college by graduating. Pros and Cons of both on-line college courses, and the pros and cons of on-campus college courses. 2. Body-I decided to go to college A. I organized information so I could go back to school to fit around my life B. I researched colleges online to see if they offered on-line college courses and
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