Topic Review # 2 Prescription Drug Addictions 2011

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Topic Review # 2 PSY-101-C02 Professor Martin Topic Review Subject: Addicted Teenagers When I was a teenager, I was interested in boys and getting my driver’s license, and never had thought about wanting to do drugs. I went out with my friends, dated, and never thought about getting high. Is this a sign of the times, or is it extreme peer pressure? I think children are more daring in the 20 th century, and they do not think anything bad will happen to them if they decide to try drugs. After watching you tube video about teenagers being addicted to prescription drugs, I just wanted to cry because my heart was breaking for them. This video showed a couple of children/teenagers that were literally near dying before they received the help they needed to get off the prescription drugs. This is a huge problem for parents. Do we blame the children or the parents for this behavior? I think that teenagers are smart enough to understand the dangers of their actions; therefore, they should be held accountable. Teachers are teaching kids in school the different types of drugs, and the dangers of
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