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Psy 101 Test 3 Select the best answer. _c__1) When individuals engage in a particular behavior because they simply enjoy it, they are said to be A) extrinsically motivated. B) incentive driven. C) intrinsically motivated. D) swayed by incentives. E) not motivated. _b__2) Something one receives from the external environment which serves to motivate behavior is called A) a motive. B) an incentive. C) intrinsic motivation. D) a biological motive. E) an emotion. _c__3) George volunteers his time in the emergency room at his local hospital. While he does not get paid for his time, he does expect that being able to list this volunteer work on his resume will help him get into the nursing program he wants to attend. ________ BEST explains George’s reason to volunteer his time. A) Extrinsic motivation B) Incentive-based motivation C) Focused motivation D) Intrinsic motivation E) Learned motivation _a__4) Which of the following motivates human behaviors? A) The need to maintain an appropriate level of arousal B) Reducing tension brought about by an unmet need C) Having an unbalanced internal state D) All of the above can be motivators to human behavior. E) None of the above can be motivators to human behavior. __c_5) The most important needs, according to Maslow, which sit at the bottom of the hierarchy are A) the self-actualization needs. B) the safety and security needs. C) the physiological needs. D) the love and belongingness needs. E) the self-esteem needs _c__6) According to Maslow, the need to ________ must be met before ________. A) feel safe; biological needs are satisfied B) self-actualize; the need to feel secure C) feel loved; security needs are met D) feel competent and gain respect from others; one can begin to self-actualize E) feel loved and give love; feeling a sense of safety
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_e__7) Prior to working on self-esteem, Maslow suggests individuals first meet A) safety and security needs. B) life-sustaining physiological needs. C) the need to be loved. D) the need to be accepted by others. E) all of the above. _a__8 ) Roger is a therapist who is working with an individual currently experiencing legal and relationship difficulties. Roger finds out that because of all of the legal fees the person has incurred, the individual has lost her house and has nowhere to stay. Which of the following should Roger address based on Maslow’s theory? A) He should first help her find shelter so she feels secure. B) He should first work on helping her to feel a sense of belongingness. C) Roger should first help her feel a sense of competence and self-worth so she can find a job. D) He should do whatever he can, as soon as he can, to help her reach her fullest potential. E) Roger should help her to learn how to feel good about herself so she’ll be more successful in future
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PSY-101-C03test_3 - Psy 101 Test 3 Select the best answer....

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