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com-100-c01 textbook costs - Sharon Whitsons Opinions/Facts...

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Sharon Whitson’s Opinions/Facts on our Power Point Paper: Offer E-Books In today’s time textbooks are slipping behind an electronic curtain. I have noticed more people are using E-Books everywhere. It is an effective way to cut the costs for everyone, especially for college students. The costs of textbooks are outrageous! I think it is time for people to take a stand and cut the cost of attending college which includes buying textbooks. . Cost of books at VSCC The cost of student textbooks at VSCC is very expensive and I do not see anyone taking a stand to stop the publishers, and colleges from getting rich off of students trying to better themselves. It is time for college’s to look at other options such as Flat World. College’s and students need to fight this battle together, and in my opinion more students could possibly choose attending college due to them standing up for their student’s and for what is right. It will take more than a few people to make this change.
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