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COM-100-C01_Speech Research - • Look at pet stores for...

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Speech Research:  How I plan on meeting this challenge. Speech Topic:  Being a Pet Owner Specific Purpose / Goal : To inform my audience the pros and cons of being a pet owner. DEFINE : I intend on using informative websites to help educate my audience all of the responsibilities of being a  good pet owner, And how being a pet owner can be as hard as it is rewarding. DESIGN : Look at what makes a great pet-owner Pick out the breed/type of pet that will suit your life-style  Look at, and purchase everything needed for your new pet Look at getting a trainer for your new pet (if needed) Using Data that will educate people on how to be a good pet-owner
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Unformatted text preview: • Look at pet stores for what they offer pet-owners for their pets • Look at groomers to learn styles/cuts for different breeds/pets • Ask yourself if it was worth all the time/devotion that you continue to give to your pet. If the answer is yes, you are doing great and learning as you go with your pet. If you answer no, either you have chosen the wrong pet or it may be best if you find your pet a great home so you can get your life back to normal because not everyone is made to be a pet-owner....
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