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Sheet1 Page 1 Speech Research: How I plan on meeting this challenge. Speech Topic: Being A Pet Owner Specific Purpose / Goal: To inform my audiance the pro's and con's of being a pet owner. DEFINE: I intend on using informative websites to help educate my audience all of the responsibilities of being a good pet owner, and how being a pet owner can be as hard as it is rewarding. DESIGN: Look at what makes a great pet-owner
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Unformatted text preview: Look at what getting a trainer for your new pet (if needed) Using Data that will educate people on how to be a good pet-owner Look at pet stores for what they offer pet-owners for their pets Look at different groomers to learn different styles for different pets Who should be pet-owners? Why it is important to find out if you will make a good pet-owner, and why you should do it before getting a pet....
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