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Use the following table to assess the productivity of yourself and your individual team members in the problem solving exercise. Rate each factor of each participant, using this scale: 1 – excellent 2 – good 3 – fair 4 – below average 5 – poor Meeting Behavior Participant M e m b e r 1 ( y o u ) M e m b e r 2 M e m b e r 3 M e m b e r 4 M e m b e r 5 M e m b e r 6 Prepared and Knowledgeable Contributed ideas and opinions Actively listened (read and responded) to ideas of others Politely voiced disagreement Completed between-meeting assigned tasks Performance of Task-Oriented Roles Acted as information or opinion
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Unformatted text preview: giver Acted as information seeker Acted as Analyzer Performance of Procedural Roles Acted as Expediter Acted as recorder Acted as gatekeeper Performance of Maintenance Roles Acted as Supporter Acted as tension reliever Acted as harmonizer Acted as Interpreter Avoidance of Self-Centered Roles Avoided acting as aggressor Avoided acting as joker Avoided acting as withdrawer Avoided acting as monopolizer Narrative here. Discuss your overall impressions here....
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COM.100.C01_Group_Project_Eval_table[1] - giver Acted as...

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