Test 1 PSY-222-C01 - Sharon Whitson Chapter 1 1 I am the...

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Sharon Whitson Chapter 1 1. I am the way I am, according to psychodynamic perspective, due to a swimming accident when I was a young child. My parents took my brother, and myself swimming, and I stepped on a broken bottle in the water which caused a huge cut on the bottom of my big toe. I was little and thought a turtle had my toe. When I think about it now, it is very funny, but at the time it was devastating to me. My mom was trying to pull me out of the water, and I was fighting her because I was in a state of panic. Needless to say, I have a fear of turtles, and of swimming in any water besides a swimming pool. I feel more comfortable swimming in a pool because I can see my feet. This is the only way I feel comfortable enough to swim since that happened to me. 2. I am the way I am, according to behavioral perspective, due to an incident that happened to me several years ago. I was outside standing on a gravel road which is close to a small creek that by brother, and I would go to when a big, black snake slithered over top of my right foot. I was so scared when it happened that I ran as fast as I could all the way home. I have always had a fear of snakes, and in my opinion are very ugly, evil looking creatures. I do not like their looks, the way they slither, their beady eyes, and the way they flicker their forked tongue. I am now and will always be very afraid of snakes. 3. The cognitive prospective is the approach that focuses on the process that allow people to know, understand, and think about the world. The cognitive prospective has made me the way I am because I used this prospective by attending college. Even though I am forty years old, which is much older than the typical college student, I am determined to better
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Test 1 PSY-222-C01 - Sharon Whitson Chapter 1 1 I am the...

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