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Name: Sharon Whitson Essay Plan 2 Preliminary thesis: There are positive and negative factors in both On-line and  On-campus courses.  Allowing students to attend college differently can  determine their attendance.  Each student must determine which would fit  their lifestyle the best so they can achieve the ultimate goal of graduating.   Summary of essay assignment:  To compare/contrast a personal experience in  three to four pages and decide on which way will fit my lifestyle while using  the best in MLA format, and using correct grammar and mechanics.  Purpose:  To share my experience and to give advice Audience:  Teacher and fellow class-mates Tone:  Light Hearted and Informational Point of View:  First Person Pattern of Development:  Compare/Contrast Organizational Approach:  Chronological
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Unformatted text preview: Preliminary Outline: 1. I decided to go to college A. I organized going back to school to fit around my life B. I researched colleges online to see if they offered on-line courses C. I researched different college on-campus courses 2. My experience attending an on-campus course offered on the weekend A. I signed up for weekend lecture college course B. I enjoy my college experience while attending on-campus C. My lifestyle will not allow me to attend on-campus courses 3. My experience attending on-line courses offered at college A. Positive aspects of on-campus college B. Positive aspects of on-line college C. Why I decided to attend on-line courses V/S on-campus courses 4. Conclusion: Why the choice I made was the right one for my lifestyle...
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Preliminary_Outline_for_Compare.Contrast_Essay -...

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