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ALH-1000 Chapter 17 Review Questions: 1. The goals of the admitting department is the smooth, expedious processing of patients, entry into the hospital for diagnostic tests, care, same day surgery, and outpatient treatments. The goals of the business department include issuing precise bills and arranging for payment. The goals of material management include developing effective methods for ordering, stocking, processing, dispensing, inventorying, replacing, and charging items used by facility workers. The goals of the housekeeping department include maintaining a clean, safe environment. 2. Four sources of job satisfaction in the support department come from doing a job well and pride in service. It comes from knowing that good performance makes it possible for those who give direct patient care to do their jobs better, from perfecting job skills, and
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Unformatted text preview: from achieving a standard excellence. 3. Five personal characteristics include good verbal skills, a courteous manner, good organizational skills, ability to work under pressure, and communication needs to be calm, clear, pleasant, and positive-even in stressful situations. 4. Patient registration, patient account representative, credit and collection representative, linen handlers, and housekeepers. 5. Arts-business department-develop flowcharts; Business-communication-admitting-take a gentle approach with apprehensive patients; Business-computer skills-respect patient confidentiality regarding diagnosis and illness, also to enter insurance and patient identification information; Science-Housekeeping-Microbiology-use techniques that avoid cross contamination of patient rooms, and perform special cleaning of isolation rooms....
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