CED-100 PROJECT# 1 RN Career - Copy

CED-100 PROJECT# 1 RN Career - Copy - CED-100 PROJECT#1 1...

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CED-100 PROJECT #1 1. Registered Nurse 2. Major work responsibilities are to assist doctors and treat patients that are ill. 3. Communication, listening, writing, leadership, diversity, teamwork, basic nursing skills, and skills to care for physical, emotional, cognitional, and social needs of their patients are a few of the skills that RN’s use in their careers. 4. After high school you must attend 2, 3, or 4 years of college to become nurses plus take a written exam by state board of nursing; state registration renewed every two years with CNE. 5. RN’s usually work very long hours/shifts. They pull double shifts, some work part or full time, PRN, or weekend shifts. They must wear scrubs as their work uniforms. There are hazards when working as a registered nurse like being stuck with a used needle because you’ve been exposed to aids, and any other disease that is transmitted by bodily fluids. Travel would not normally be necessary unless certain job positions required it and the RN would know this before taking the position with the company. Supervision would depend on where the RN would be working. Most of the time the RN will work directly under a physician. 6. The earnings for a RN would range from $35,000 to $119,000 depending upon where they work and what job position they are in such as staff nurse, or nurse educator. 7. Job opportunities are especially good for a RN in advanced practice through year 2010. Jobs available to RN in hospitals and in home care, outpatient facilities, same day surgeries, rehabilitation centers, and chemotherapy clinics. Among all occupations, the health care occupations are expected to grow fast. Personal care services including home health care will be among the fastest growing
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CED-100 PROJECT# 1 RN Career - Copy - CED-100 PROJECT#1 1...

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