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ch0902 - ¨O •Óìºs »ªp ðÔt V V VQ V Nouns on P.92...

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Unformatted text preview: ¨O •Óìºs »ªp ðÔt V V VQ V Nouns on P.92) V V VQ V Adjs V .93 & 94) Vp ª º æ p X Reading) Vª º æ p X p Writing) V V ¸N ¨ . 6367, 79-83) V Due V Й‘E •¬N¸ªp ¸Ï庪 p溪p l V V V V »ª H÷A »ªp èúA »ª ùA L V V »ªp høA Ï庪p L »ªp ûA s V V AV ¢N¸ l V »ªp èùA V V V V AV »ªp ˜öA V V V »ªp ˜öA V V V »ªp ˜öA V V V V V V »ªp ˜öA V V V V »ªp ˜öA V V V V V V V V ¸ About Ch. 8 Test… »ªp öA g • Learn expressions at restaurants. • Learn how to order food in restaurants Activity 2 V P. 105) p™ ª Ð ¸ L ù L ‘E : §j 1. 2. j 3. Al ô »* ª 4. j 5. Al ô »* ª 6. pA»ô l ªA 7. A* ô» l ª 8. A* ô» l ª 1V A* ô» l ª V Role Play: Role Use menu on P.107 You and your partner are dating at Denny’s. dating Let’s order some food! • • Tell your date what you decided on ordering. Place your order to your waiter/waitress. Use appropriate counters. Group Skit: Group Form a group of 4 or 5 and create a skit using as many new vocabulary and expressions as possible! We will vote for pª Aõ ˜ » award V ! Criteria: • # of new vocabulary & expressions • Fluency of Japanese • Creativity • Entertainment Й‘E 8 ÿ • ¸ÿLªp •V 8 »ªp ØõA •V V VQ V • V pAõ Ø ª» • V p Aõ Ø ª» •V ™ð¼ À 83) Adjs V .93 & 94) Reading) Writing) . 63-67, 79- ...
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