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Unformatted text preview: ºª’ è^X °j Ð: ºª’ UV C a : r ºª’ V °m ’ . °j Ð: ºª’ PTV Due D **Please note that dates for next week in the syllabus are incorrect by one day. Please follow by days of the week!! • Using question word D + D +(particle) + affirmative • Using question word D + (particle) + D + negative Ƚ D �������X ��� • • • • • • • • ��� ��� ª’’” ’ ª¿&” Ð:°j ª’’” ��� X ��� ’ “7” ª8 Ð:°j ’ ª]’” • � • ª’ 5” p Ð:°j • ]’” ª’ • ��� Xª •- Review) ��� ª’’” ª’’” ��� ª’’” ª’” ��� C¾Qº � hôW �� ��� ’ ª]’” ��� hôWº ��� ª’’” � Review) (accept ing & declining an invit at ion) A: *·Š ªH B : *· H ªŠ B*:·H ªŠ B: W + *·Š ªH a ccepting) a ccepting) BW :+ ( declining) A: ª· H *Š B: º ( declining) p Question word D + D +(particle) + affirmative ’ ª º5 ˆ U ¸ D D ,• D D ,• º ,• º D D ¤¸ ,S º• D D D mºV ’ª :ªV r°’ a D X)º U ˆ ’5 ª over the rainbow) ˆ ª 5U º ºª’ ^X . È È È Something Somebody Somewhere Sometime • Someone came. D D m°’ ºV a • (I)’ll eat something. D D mªVrº ’aª º: °’ V • (He)’ll come back sometime. D D ªaª mr ’ ºV V º° : • (She) went somewhere. D D ªÐ W ºr õ ’ª 5U ¸ ºD • (They) met somewhere. D D Ð ªW ºr õ ’ ª DU ¸ º 5 • (I)’ll put it in something. D ’5 ¸ ª ºU ’DUº ¸ 5 ª D Dº U ¸ 5 ª D D • (I)’ll talk with someone. D Activity 1- D Activity . ’ m°V ª r ºV : ª’ a 1. 2. 3. 4.Y º 5 5. 6. D D D ¨ª D D º¤ ,C D È È D D D º5 * Y ¨ª W õX º5 * Y ¨ª P.113) P.113) •D Negative Verb D Nothing ª 5• è ºU Negative Verb D Nobody ª º5• è U Negative Verb D Never • È Negative Verb D Nowhere Nobody comes. D D Dª X V a ’5 º D I’ll eat nothing. D D ’ª Xº V a 5 D D He never comes. D D ’ ª 5V ºa She goes nowhere. D D Dº 5V ’ª a D They meet nobody. D D D’ D5V ª ºa D Activity 5- D Activity . P.115) P.115) You are conducting a survey on breakfast habits. Ask your classmates if they have eaten or drunk anything this morning. Find out what the most popular breakfast was for the class. Ex. A: c + Y 5 á W B: o o H A: :H D ° * 9 ªÐ º B: @ 7¢ o Ex. D o D o D Particle Game! Work together with your teammates and form the given sentence as fast as you can. One of you will come up to the table and pick up all the particle you need for the sentence, and write the sentence on the board with them. Make sure you take turns! • • • • I want to have a date at Heisei restaurant. I usually order sushi and drink something. As for desert, I don’t want anything. After that, I want to go to somewhere to sing karaoke. • I want go to Heisei restaurant with someone someday. ºª ˆ^X D ¬, M ª N¨^X º - ºª . * ¨^X ºª’ *D being sought VS Ð º ª =•mº°’ Vª V º’ a DD ª =•mº°’ Vª V º’ a ª VSº Ø ª =•mº°’ Vª V º’ a D ’ ª X^º ¨ VS Ð º ª =•mº°’ Vª V º’ a D ’ ª X^º ¨ object a •= ºª’ V °m a = ’ V °ºª•mD j : ’ «ºªÐ°, D j : ’ «ºªÐ°, hw j : ’ ¡ºªÐ°i a = ’ V °ºª•m a = ’ V ºª’°ºª•m ˆ^X D ¡ øk ø¡ºk ø¡k a = ’ V °ºª•m ˆ^ºªX ºª’ ˆ^X ºª’ ˆ^X °j Ð: ª’ ˆºQ D °j Ð: ª’ ˆºQ Chapter 9 test study guide is available today! j’ª ÐQ ˆ ° : ºº Due D **Please note that dates for next week in the syllabus are incorrect by one day. Please follow by days of the week!! ...
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