Case study abt Job Analyis

Case study abt Job Analyis - Assignment on Human Resource...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment on Human Resource Management (MGT-3122) Continuing Case: Carter Cleaning Center (The Job Description) Submitted To Shayla Binte Sayeed Cource Instructor Submitted By Group : 02 Group Members Name: Sadia Afrin Tiva 111091141 Renessa Binte Mohsin 111091167 Mehedi Kawser 111091066 Nashid Jabeen 111081147 Sec: C School of Business Date of Submission: 7 th November, 2010 United International University Case Summary: Jenifer accomplished that one of the first matters she had to attend to involve for developing job description for her store managers. As Jenifer notifies it her lessons regarding job descriptions in her basic management and her management coerces was not enough to fully persuade her of the crucial role job description actually played in the smooth functioning of an endeavor. Jenifer concerns about their store managers job. In general store manager is responsible for directing all stores activities but in accomplishing that general aim, a specific store managers duties and responsibilities include quality control, store appearance and cleanness, employee safety, human resources administration and pest control etc. Questions Problem solving: 1 What should be the format and final form of the store managers job description? There is no standard format as to what should be included in the job description of store manager but most job descriptions cover the following sections: Job identification Job summary Responsibilities and Duties Authority of incumbent Standards of performance...
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Case study abt Job Analyis - Assignment on Human Resource...

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