exam 2 2010 - Name:_ P2601 (Spring, 2010) Individual Exam 2...

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Name:______________________________________________ P2601 (Spring, 2010) Individual Exam 2 Possibly Useful Formulas are on the last page. The best way to come up with a good idea is to come up with lots of ideas. –Linus Pauling, winner of two unshared Nobel prizes. The proper function of a lecture is not to give the student all the information he needs but to arouse his enthusiasm so that he will gather knowledge himself. -J.J. Thomson I. (54 pts) For the multiple choice only: No explanation is needed if your answer is correct. Justify your answer with well chosen words or a formula and you may receive partial credit even for a wrong answer---but use your time wisely. 1. ___ A rock attached to a string swings freely in a counter-clockwise vertical circle. (It touches nothing but the string which is attached to a fixed pivot.) Which free body diagram could correctly best describe the force(s) on the rock when it is passing through its lowest point? 2. ____A ball of mass M moves in a circular path on a horizontal, frictionless surface. It is attached to a light string that passes through a hole in the center of the table. If the string is pulled down somewhat, thereby reducing the radius of the path of the ball, what happens to the ball? a) It increases its linear speed because the linear momentum of the ball is conserved.
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exam 2 2010 - Name:_ P2601 (Spring, 2010) Individual Exam 2...

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