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Kris Lutgring Build-a-Model_Chp_2-1 - Input correct amounts...

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Input correct amounts in the yellow cells below. Percent Correct 100.00% Chapter 2 BAM. You will see your % Correct in Cell B2 Correct when you have finished When Complete, Save the File as "Your Name" Chp3 and Send it to sweissmueller@sulli Here are the balance sheets as given in the problem: Cumberland Industries December 31 Balance Sheets (000) (000) (in thousands of dollars) 2007 2006 Assets Cash and cash equivalents $91,450 $74,625 Short-term investments $11,400 $15,100 Accounts Receivable $103,365 $85,527 Inventories $38,444 $34,982 Total current assets $244,659 $210,234 Net fixed assets $67,165 $42,436 Total assets $311,824 $252,670 Liabilities and equity Accounts payable $30,761 $23,109 Accruals $30,477 $22,656 Notes payable $16,717 $14,217 Total current liabilities $77,955 $59,982 Long-term debt $76,264 $63,914 Total liabilities $154,219 $123,896 Common stock $100,000 $90,000 Retained Earnings $57,605 $38,774 Total common equity $157,605 $128,774 Total liabilities and equity $311,824 $252,670 Key Input Data for Cumberland Industries Round to 0 Decimals Sales Revenue $455,150 EBITDA as a percent of sales 15% See a. Above Depr. as a % of Fixed Assets 11% See a. Above Tax rate 40% Interest Expense $8,575 Dividend Payout Ratio 40% Input correct amount in the yellow cell (000) a. *All Information is in (000's). The company’s 2007 sales were $455,150, and EBITDA was 15 percent of sales and depreciation and amortization were $386,878. Furthermore, the company purchased $32,117 in fixed assets and de percent of net fixed assets or $7,388, interest charges were $8,575, the state-plus-federal corporate tax rate was 40 p
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Kris Lutgring Build-a-Model_Chp_2-1 - Input correct amounts...

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