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I expect utilizing numerous ethics from this class within my future career path in healthcare administration. Control, budgeting, and cost will be a vital feature of healthcare administration. Costs and control understanding will be valuable because healthcare is apprehensive with patient’s costs. The budgeting will be a portion of monitoring departmental costs and be conscious of company’s acceptable costs. Say I was working in a small living facility, the budgeting costs for food, cleaning supplies, however not a pool, since the facility will not require one there. Utilizing cost control and budgeting such as a
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Unformatted text preview: supervision tools will assist me maintaining branches operating. Knowing how and which tool to use for each situation will aid me as well in my future career in healthcare administration also. This class (HCA/270) has provided me with the knowledge of financial management and which type to use in each situation and also what type to not use as well. It is important to know the types of financial management and what they are used for , so there is nothing missed for the company financially....
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