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SCI/230 Week 2 DQ-1 Flies come from rotten meat because they always appear where meat is rotting . It is refuted that spontaneous generation hypothesis, which originated in “Medieval Europe.” Certain cultures which obtain slight understanding of biology furthermore have self-sufficiently originated to the similar hypothesis. Stimulatingly there is a plant that has a stench similar to rotting flesh to appeal flies to “pollinate” it. Thus, also plants recognized the odor of rotting flesh does to flies. The spontaneous generation was finalized in 1859 by Louis Pasteur; he was a French chemist. His experiment to determine this was that,” He boiled meat broth in a flask, heated the neck of the flask in a flame until it became pliable, and bent it into the shape of an S. Air could enter the flask, but airborne
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Unformatted text preview: microorganisms could not - they would settle by gravity in the neck.” There were no microorganisms that grew and when the flask was slanted to establish the lowest point of the broth, this would be the location where the airborne particles settle, quickly the broth developed cloudy with life. Therefore, Louis Pasteur refuted that the theory of convincingly and spontaneous generation verified microorganisms are all over, even in the air. References: The Slow Death of Spontaneous Generation (1668-1859) Russell Levine and Chris Evers Plants that Stink Bobby Little Adams County Master Gardner
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