HCA270WK8CashManagement - Cash Management HCA 270 June 23,...

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Cash Management HCA 270 June 23, 2011 Cash management is correspondingly identified as treasury management for companies. Treasury management, along with commercial banks; Assistances a business with managing their assets by distinctive company bank accounts. Every bank has a division devoted to treasury management which includes exchange through bonds, cash that can contain all exchanges and risk management. ……………. .PNC Bank has many different services that are offered through their cash management programs. One of the services offered are card services. A business can get pre-paid cards that cover payroll, employee rewards, petty cash, per diem expenses and business-to-business incentive programs (PNC, 2010.) Another type of card service offered through the treasury management program is procurement plus travel and entertainment which covers better control over spending limit, establishes separate spending allowances for purchasing and travel and also reports for all company spending (PNC, 2010.) These reports help businesses keep track of all spending and purchases made by any employee who holds a card or who has access to these funds. The cards for travel or entertainment are for medium to large sized companies. According to PNC, these help reduce time and cost. PNC also offers Active Pay. Active Pay helps maximize payment controls, enhance transaction and data management and increase financial benefit (PNC, 2010.) Although PNC’s website does not expand on how this is done they do have a contact number for any business that is interested in opening an account with their financial institute. PNC also boasts with their cash management programs they help lower fees for payments as well as balance transfers. With businesses transfers and payments off an account may be more than a personal account, so lower costs in bank fees is always appealing to any company. Another bank that offers treasury management services is Wells Fargo.
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HCA270WK8CashManagement - Cash Management HCA 270 June 23,...

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