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Central Illinois Bank- Central Bank of Illinois states, “To meet your specialized and sophisticated business needs, Central Illinois Bank offers a full range of collection, disbursement and reporting services designed to assist your company in managing cash flow, risk and reduce operating costs. Collect your money faster, hold it longer and invest it sooner with our innovative Treasury Management services.” [(CBI, 2011]) http://www.centralillinoisbank.com/treasurymanagement.html This bank was the only one out of the three that had something like this on their web site. Introductions making you feel welcome, and feeling that this bank really wanted your business, and to help you succeed in making it grow, and in addition wanting to safeguard your investment with them. Treasury Management Services with this bank includes; “Online Services Disbursement Services Additional Business Services Online Money Manager - Controlled Disbursement • Corporate Credit Card Services Online Money Manager ACH - Positive Pay • Night Depository Services Collection Services - Zero Balance Account Remote Deposit - Direct Deposit Lockbox - Wire Services Electronic Receivables • Merchant Services Automatic Sweep Services” http://www.centralillinoisbank.com/treasurymanagement.html As you can see CIB has several diverse services which they provide such as corporate credit card services. An organization is able to obtain a pre-paid card which deals with petty cash, payroll, company to company incentive programs, and employee rewards [(CIB, 2011].) CIB also has Merchant Services. This allows businesses to increase their sales and expand. Merchant Services also aids in expanding customers, increase cash flow, lowers check lose and sales [(CIB, 2011.]) Another fetcher of CIB is remote deposit capture. This creates paper checks to electronic; saving trips to
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HCA270WK8SUNDAY - Central Illinois Bank Central Bank of...

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