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Reagan’s term ultimately swayed the collapse of Communism. As the Soviet Union partaken to begin collapsing, it was not able to provide for its general public. The U.S. delivered food assistance to make certain the Soviet individuals did not go hungry. Countless individuals thought that Reagan, thru pushing America to vast military expenses, placed the Soviet in this despairing position. Because of he’s spending, the Soviet government had to decide on upholding a military that upheld equal opportunity with the level of the U.S. military and provide food for their people. Sensibly, the Soviet government
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Unformatted text preview: obviously assisted its people by accepting cargos of food from the U.S. Reagan gave a speech by Berlins Brandenburg gate, he asserted the wall be destroyed that separated the East and West to Gorbachev, in addition made Reagan a hero. This was the nail in the coffin for the Soviet. Reagan had backing from the Pope and Margaret Thatcher; this created pressure on behalf of Poland to divide from the Soviet rule. Because of Reagans leadership it altered the map of the world currently and the world in his period....
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