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HIS135WK9CheckpointTuesday- The Cold War was what made the U.S. jump from a power player to a super power player. If the U.S. had not trotted in to lead the world affairs there would have been none too. The individuals that could have may have been terrorists, radicals, or communists. While the international boarder is vanishing, there is still powerless and powerful and a poor and a rich. The powerful and rich are able to maintain on top. I think that global community’s guarantees advantages for the poor and trade will be fairer. The less
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Unformatted text preview: established countries can receive means which are needed to make it; developed countries aid those countries. The African union present may let Africa notions be more involved with the world affairs. The U.S. today is trailing its unsurpassed position as an economic super power due to China and India are greater than the U.S.s markets. We are only transporting their service to the U.S. and they both are continuing manufacturing goods....
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