G3 Managing Data Resources

G3 Managing Data Resources - Managing Data Resources...

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Unformatted text preview: Managing Data Resources Presented By Yan Ping Jo Anne Malbog Jenny Kim 000211261 000220685 000227294 Overview • • • • • • Introduction to managing data resources Establishing an information policy Ensuring data quality Weaknesses Strengths Summary Introduction • What is managing data resources In order for business data to remain accurate, reliable and readily available to those who need it, special policies and procedures for data management need to be established. • How to manage data resources? 1. Establishing information policy. 2. Ensuring data quality. Establishing an information policy • What is an information policy? ­Specifies the organization’s rules for sharing information. ­Lays out specific procedures and accountabilities. • • • e.g. authorized users for payroll data Data administration Data governance Database administration Ensuring Data Quality • What are the steps taken to ensure accurate, consistent, and reliable data in organizational databases? 1. Data quality audit 2. Data cleansing Weaknesses • • • • Time consuming Restriction Errors during data input Inaccurate, incomplete, and inconsistent Strengths • • • • • • Confidentiality Prevent users from manipulating Update Organize data Convenience Effective information for decision­making Summary • Managing data resources: 1. Establishing an information policy 2. Ensuring data quality • • Weaknesses Strengths Thank you!!!!!!!! ...
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