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Unformatted text preview: Critique Essay Outline Where Have All the Men Gone? Introduction- Gullis main points: doctors in the future will be women instead of men- different consequences, the result of this fact, no evidence- patients will be happier because females are more sensitive- men more likely to take leadership roles while women are not- women look for more balanced work schedules, thus less work reinforcing the already shortage of physicians in Canada, decline in surgery like doctors Thesis: Gullis article has effectively informs many people of the current situation and future possibilities and outcomes of the health care system, but there are also some points she mentions which are not clearly justified or accurately proven. Body 1- Cathys perspective in her article- women are more liked by patients- surgery is male dominated, women do not like surgery- more women in first year medical schools means more female doctors- women will work less hours, more female related medical breakthroughs, more balanced work schedule...
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