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Chapter 1 Healthcare - Integrated Delivery systems –...

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Chapter 1 A. Hospitals – provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals who require more than several hours of care, although most hospital is actively ambulatory services as well. Ambulatory care – services provided to patients who are not admitted to a hospital or nursing home. This is outpatient care. Home Health care – services provided to patients at their home setting. Long Term care – provides services to individuals who lack all or some functional ability, specifically in the activities of eating, bathing or locomotion.
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Unformatted text preview: Integrated Delivery systems – combination of hospital care, ambulatory, long-term, and business support services B. What are the benefits attributed to integrated delivery systems? Patient capture, providers have access to managerial and functional spets, tracks all aspects of patient care, better access to capital, ability to recruit and retain management and professional staff, incentives offered to providers, and a full range of healthcare services....
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