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Good Things About Oregons New Driving LAw

Good Things About Oregons New Driving LAw - 512 Oregons new...

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512 Oregon’s new driving law is going to make a major difference The new law changes the ages of becoming a fully licensed driver. The new program goes in three steps instead of two like the current program. It works like this: When a potential driver is 15, he can get his learners permit. He must have a licensed adult with him at all times while driving. When he turns 16, he can get a license that only allows him to drive during the day and never with any other teenagers in the car when by himself. Then, when he turns 18, he can get a full license. The law is designed to foster the development of maturity in teens, , and the new law has worked successfully in other states. The new driving program is made to fit the maturity level of teens better than the current one. It gives teens a chance to learn to drive, but during the period of time in a teens life that causes, cuts out some of the most major distractions that cause accidents like night driving and when there are other teens in the car. This, many lawmakers believe, should help reduce the number of
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