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Chapman Israel PSYCH101 Research Paper Review

Chapman Israel PSYCH101 Research Paper Review - objects...

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PSYCH101 Research Paper Summary Dream Theory: Relation to Memory and Emotion Many of the founding fathers of Psychology felt that dreams played a large role in the way the mind functions and influences our emotional well being. Dreams could display fears, anxiety or anticipation of what our subconscious is feeling. It is also theorized that dreams could be a large factor of memory processing. Based on a study of dream content and lag time at Boston University School of Medicine; dreams appear to show some correlation with events,
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Unformatted text preview: objects, emotions and memories (Kookoolis 2010) but showed a lag in which the elements were present by a few days time. It does appear that dreams do play a large role in our bodies way of processing the events and such that occur in life even if there is a lag present. References Kookoolis, A., Pace-Schott, E. F., & McNamara, P. (2010). Dream content and memory processing: Dream lag effects within a single night and across several nights: A pilot study. Dreaming, 20 (3), 211-217....
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