izz paper second half - Additionally the gaps between what...

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Additionally the gaps between what government funded insurance plans and private plans are required by law to cover can make a huge impact on children receiving proper early interventions as I mentioned previously. Specifically, most private or employer based insurance plan exclude Autism Spectrum disorders or any diagnosis that is considered a developmental delay. Many states in recent years have passed bills that mandate state funded plans to cover services related to these diagnosis’s. On May 2, 2008 the Florida Senate bill 2654 was passed. Just prior to the passing of this bill former Florida Governor Charlie Crist created the Task Force on Autism Spectrum Disorders by Executive Order 08-36. The task force is “created to advance public policy for the research, screening, education, and treatment of autism, to assess the availability of insurance coverage for appropriate treatment of autism, and to recommend a unified and coordinated agenda for addressing autism in Florida.” Responsibilities of the task force will include coordinating and reviewing the efforts of state agencies and organizations with regard to autism, encouraging public-private partnerships and resource sharing in support of autism and developmental disabilities research and services, developing a comprehensive Florida autism Web site to help families effectively obtain information and quickly identify resources, and develop a strategy for early diagnosis and intervention by working with medical experts and organizations to determine how to best encourage screenings for autism as part of routine medical visits. This bill was named the “Window of Opportunity Act” as it was forseen as a window to open an opportunity for insurance coverage for services that had been denied but were critical to development. Assisting in the development of speech, occupational therapy related service and even behavior therapy can not only help with learning and advancement in the aspect that it helps
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make life as normal as possible but many times developmental delays are a result of a medical condition or are comorbid with them. This bill has been a small lifeline for many families that
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izz paper second half - Additionally the gaps between what...

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