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LGLS255 Week 8B Crystal Chapman Prepare a written answer to questions 6a – 6d in the end of chapter exercises found on page 336 of the text.  For question 6d also provide the citations to 2 primary sources that you found after searching your query on  Westlaw. 6. a- Check the annotated statutes to determine relevant case and statute citations; check a digest for the  proper jurisdiction and use one good case method to find other relevant cases; use google to find relevant  information and possible case citations or discussions; search for breach of contract cases on westlaw or lexis.
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Unformatted text preview: b- scan through a hornbook or encyclopedias on the subject, learn relevant vocabulary, make an outline relating to the issues and subissues and note major cases. c- secondary- ALR because it provides narrow well defined issues and has typically explored the issues thoroughly primary- Annotated State Statutes because it would define the actual law regarding the issue to clarify what the state considers actual breach of contract; U.S.C.A. to see if there is a federal Act that may define contracts further d- F.S.A. § 672.106 and F.S.A. § 672.713...
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