LGLS255 Week 5A - 4 What are Restatements of the Law The most prestigious source of secondary authority available and are published by the American

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LGLS255 Week 5A Crystal Chapman Prepare written answers to the following questions:  1. What are the American Law Reports? What is found in the American Law Reportsd? What is  the abbreviation for the American Law Reports? They are reports published by West that contain  narrow annotations on narrow well defined legal topics. The abbreviation is A.L.R.  2. What are hornbooks? Scholarly works generally one volume that examines one legal topic and  is primarily designed for law students. 3. What is a legal encyclopedia? What do you use a legal encyclopedia for when researching? A  set of books in volumes that divides the law into topics and offers a broad coverage of legal rules  pertaining to each topic. You would use these when beginning research on a topic you don’t have  much prior knowledge of to gain general basic understanding of the topic.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What are Restatements of the Law? The most prestigious source of secondary authority available and are published by the American Law Institute. 5. What is secondary authority? Provide three examples of secondary authority? Is material purporting to explain the meaning or applicability of the actual verbatim texts of constitutions , statutes , case law , administrative regulations, executive orders, treaties, or similar primary authority sources. Examples would include hornbooks, ALR, and Legal encyclopedias. 6. What is a treatisie? Scholarly works, generally multivolume sets that look at one legal topic. 7. Are encyclopedias finding tools and if so why? Yes they are because they are considered a secondary authority. 8. How do you update an Am. Jur.2d section? The updates are released via pocket parts called Cummlative Supplements....
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