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1 Ketosis is best described as 1) the consumption of body lean tissue. 2) toxicity due to the overconsumption of proteins. 3) excessive burning of body fat in the absence of sufficient carbohydrate in the diet. 4) excessive burning of glycogen in the absence of an insufficient amount of dietary fat. 5) the inability of the body to use glucose for energy because of an overproduction of insulin. 2 The reason that progestins are added to estrogen supplements is 1) to make the estrogen more soluble 2) to reduce the risk of uterine cancer 3) to reduce the risk of breast cancer 4) to make the tablets less bitter 5) to further decrease bone loss 3 An apple contains what approximate percentage of water? 1) 20 2) 35 3) 50 4) 85 5) 98 4 C-Reactive protein 1) is involved in inflammation that can precipitate heart attacks 2) reduces blood cholesterol 3) is the technical term for LDL “receptors” 4) can be found in LDL or HDL 5) is responsible for the oxidation of LDL 5 Which of the following statements concerning Vitamin B12 is correct? 1)
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