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MT1 Questions - 1. Generally, vitamin supplements have been...

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1. Generally, vitamin supplements have been found to be more or less ineffective and deemed useless, except for supplements of … a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin B12 c) Vitamin C d) Vitamin D 2. If a 300 g piece of meat is 20% fat by weight, and 40% water by weight, about what percentage fat by calories is it? A) 20% B) 42% C) 53% D) 39% 3. A deficator is usually needed to remove all the fibre in cane sugar by digestion. How much sucrose is there, on average, in cane sugar? a. 5% b. 80% c. 50% d. 15% e. more than 90% 4. Which one of these is known to contribute to skin inelasticity and cataracts? a. advanced glycation end product b. s. mutans acting on proteins in skin and in lens c. olestra d. Retin-A e. Tocopherol 5. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient involved in the synthesis of Methionine, a food supplement necessary for the growth of chickens. A) Water B) Methyl Mercaptan C) Acrolein D) Methanol E) Hydrogen Cyanide 6. What is the product BEANO? a) It's an organic laxative derived from soy beans b) It's a mass-produced high energy density emergency food for third-world country distribution c) It's a multi-enzyme supplement taken to digest several commonly digestively-problematic saccharides (carbohydrates) d) It's the brand name of a healthy snack for infants and toddlers
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7. What did the JUPITER study show? a) that taking high dosages of B vitamins over 5 years decreases 25% homocysteine and had no effect on
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MT1 Questions - 1. Generally, vitamin supplements have been...

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